Our Approach

A simple but powerful idea guides everything we do. We believe that understanding the human dynamic – that is, what happens within us and between us – makes everything else possible.

As family members work together to enhance their awareness of themselves and how they relate to one another, they begin to communicate more effectively, identify solutions, and achieve greater success.

Our approach empowers families to define their guiding principles, articulate core values that underpin their success, make collective decisions more effectively and envision a compelling future that inspires them to move forward with confidence.

Working in partnership with you, we help define strengths and opportunities, clarify issues and challenges and design a process that is tailored to your unique needs.

Collaboration with other professionals in complementary fields like law, finance, estate planning, psychology and insurance is a core part of our work. We can assemble a team of professionals, or work with the people you know and trust.

Families in Business

Guiding families to develop a compelling vision for the future that aligns multiple generations.

Families of Wealth

Supporting families as they navigate the complex interplay of love, shared ownership and collective decision-making.

The Rising Generation

Empowering younger generations to realise their capacities within the context of a prominent family.


Inspiring women on their distinct path as leaders, entrepreneurs, partners, daughters, philanthropists and integral members of their families.

Families in Business

Thriving family enterprises understand that success extends beyond mere financial prosperity—it also encompasses a smooth transition across generations.

We specialise in guiding business families to take a strategic approach when addressing their priorities:

Family Dynamics

  • Understanding past conflicts and miscommunications
  • Addressing fairness among family members or branches
  • Managing expectations across different generations
  • Integrating diverse cultural influences
  • Navigating the impact of wealth on identity and relationships


  • Articulating core values and a collective vision for the future
  • Integrating the family’s business endeavours with their goals for making a positive impact
  • Adapting decision-making processes to match the complexity of both the family and business
  • Developing the structure and processes that harmonise and coordinate the diverse needs of the family, business endeavours and community activities


  • Understanding unique roles such as family member, shareholder, Board member, beneficiary and business operator
  • Identifying and nurturing the emerging generation of family and business leaders
  • Planning for succession

Families of Wealth

Affluent families who aspire to transition their wealth and legacy to succeeding generations require a dedicated forum to explore complex issues.

We help families develop an intentional approach that builds on the family’s innate strengths while addressing their many questions:

Family Dynamics

  • Understanding the impact of wealth on relationships
  • Establishing a platform for transparent communication to foster unity 
  • Incorporating distinct cultural perspectives
  • Determining the appropriate timing and extent of information sharing with heirs


  • Crafting a compelling and unified vision for the family’s wealth and legacy
  • Aligning multiple generations around philanthropic goals
  • Balancing individual autonomy with the collaborative management of shared assets
  • Enhancing collective decision-making for the management of family wealth


  • Transforming wealth into a catalyst for personal and collective growth
  • Defining identity and fostering healthy relationships amidst affluence
  • Nurturing effective parenting strategies within the context of wealth
  • Engaging the rising generation in ongoing learning and development

The Rising Generation

Coming of age within a prominent family offers abundant opportunities and advantages. Navigating the associated expectations can be daunting, making it challenging to discern one’s true passions, strengths and optimal path forward.

We collaborate with individual members of the emerging generation and sibling/cousin teams to help them:


  • Clarify individual purpose and direction within the context of a prominent family 
  •  Discover avenues for meaningful contribution within and outside the family
  • Develop and execute personalized growth plans to unleash their potential


  • Understand the impact of wealth on relationships and parenting
  • Build teamwork skills for effective collaboration within sibling or cousin groups
  • Cultivate global and cultural awareness


  • Gain the necessary knowledge to assume governance roles within the family
  • Prepare for leadership opportunities in the family business


We are passionate about helping women lead with confidence in their own lives. Our work together inspires female members of successful families who are:


  • Founding or building a business
  • Cultivating their unique voice and perspective
  • Seeking to make a meaningful difference in the world


  • Harmonizing professional commitments with family responsibilities
  • Supporting a spouse in their business endeavours
  • Embracing diverse cultural influences within the family
  • Establishing their role and identity within a family enterprise


  • Prioritizing well-being and vitality
  • Guiding and nurturing the next generation

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