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We support international families to successfully transition wealth, businesses and the values that drive their success.

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Guiding families to develop a compelling vision for the future that aligns multiple generations.

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Supporting families as they navigate the complex interplay of love, shared ownership and collective decision-making.

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Inspiring women on their distinct path as leaders, entrepreneurs, partners, daughters, philanthropists and integral members of their families.

About Jennifer East

Jennifer is committed to empowering affluent and enterprising global families. With almost 20 years of experience, she guides families through generational change to build a better future for themselves, their wealth, business and society at large.

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Cambridge Forums

Cambridge Forums

2022 + 2024


Forum on Multi-Generational Family Wealth & Leadership
Campden Education

Campden Education

2023 - 2024

Facilitator, Succession Planning

The Family Wealth Essential Series
The Family Firm Institute

The Family Firm Institute

2015 - 2024

Family Enterprise Governance Instructor

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Jennifer is very grounded yet open to exploring more “ungrounded spaces” and that allows her to expand in thought, action and words. This balance and harmony allows her to lead by example in a gentle and empathetic way while staying very focused and being decisive in her actions.
Family Advisory Colleague
Jennifer East has through her sensitivity shown great ability in handling the hard issues that face families who are dealing with multi-cultural issues. Her individual approach and unique understanding allows her to feel the needs and help them find better answers to their own dilemmas.
Family Advisor Colleague
Jennifer begins with a genuine compassion for people and the challenges they face in their personal, family and business lives. She adds to that her keen listening skills, her personal warmth and her fierce determination to stay the course and the result is a truly inspired and compelling advocate who generates great respect and loyalty in the people whose lives she touches.
Family Advisor Colleague
It was an absolute pleasure working with Jennifer in developing a succession plan, determining the future of our family business and addressing each family member’s responsibilities. The manner in which she facilitated the conversations between the family members and challenged me personally were great experiences.
Second Generation Business Leader, Manufacturing
We needed to be sure all agreed it would be beneficial to continue in business together, and most had questions about balance and control of the business. We also needed to formalize our board structure which had become ineffective. You calmly and patiently forced us to understand our intentions for the business, and presented a real sense of understanding and realistic goal setting for the family AND the business.
Third Generation Business Leader, Real Estate
You challenged us to ask and listen to hard questions. Your strength is your ability to see each person as an individual with our own strengths and weaknesses and help us to see each others’ good qualities so that we can work together. We would not be the very happy family that we are without the work that you facilitated.
Business Founder, Medical Services